About the Owner and Author

Brian Leggero is certified in the State of Illinois in Safety
Education and has decades of experience training others
in the proper safety and use of firearms as a volunteer safety
instructor with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Division of Education. He is a Illinois State Certified Concealed Carry Instructor and author of a State of Illinois Training Curriculum. Brian Leggero is a certified NRA Instructor as well as Range Safety Officer. He is an active member of the Illinois State Rifle Association and
NSSF. Brian Leggero’s main concern with regards to
firearms is safety, safety for you, me and everyone else around
us. Brian Leggero believes this new Firearm Concealed Carry Act is
good for safety and will reduce crime in our State of Illinois.
We all must be safe and follow the law. Ignorance of the laws
is no excuse so read the laws of our State that have been
mentioned in this the Concealed Carry Training Illinois Handbook.